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ファンクラブページは日本国内にお住まいの方向けにはユメノソラホールディングス(株)様のクリエイター支援サービス「Fantia」、日本国外にお住まいの方向けにはPatreon(Patreon Inc.)上に開設しています
EVERGREEN / NOIR holds a supporter service (fan club) that provides limited content distribution and various discount services to subscribers
Fan club page has been established on Yumeno Sora Holdings Co., Ltd. creator support service “Fantia” for residents in Japan and Patreon (Patreon Inc.) for residents outside Japan I will
You can choose from three support plans: 200 yen per month / 2 USD · 500 yen / 5 USD · 1,000 yen / 10 USD. We also have a free trial plan that you can use the full size version of the new image and the download of the wallpaper calendar so please do not hesitate to try it