Contact Offers

Consultation of work such as image production / editing etc please refer to the following

Consultation of the program scripting / site construction support, please be careful because of different contact details
Since we have already retired from the specialized illustrator, in principle we will refuse inquiries to the case where long-term detention exceeding 30 days occurs Please acknowledge it beforehand
We prepare a price list which is a rough guide of price determination. Please check the contents before consulting and calculate the amount

料金表を開く/Open Pricing List

Regarding the following contents, we can not accept it regardless of the schedule amount. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

  • 全ての差別的表現を内包するもの
    Including all discriminatory expressions
  • 犯罪行為や反社会勢力(活動)を肯定・美化する内容のもの
    Content that affirms and beautifies criminal acts and antisocial forces (activities)
  • 低年齢(小児)キャラクター・小児にしかみえないキャラクターの性表現
    Sexual expression of Low age (childhood) character / characters only visible to children
  • 四肢切断や畸形などのグロテスク表現
    Grotesque representation such as limb amputation and slender shape
  • 権利者により使用を禁止されている素材の使用
    Use of materials that are prohibited from use by rights holders

Please use the Skeb request form for personalized requests.


If you are a corporation or a circle or event organizer, please send us your request to the following e-mail address



Will be undertaken after the creation / entered into outsourcing contract performs a matching of the contents of the detailed hearing to order propriety judgment and schedule

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